sermon notes

PRAYER Prayer will change you. This sermons series will teach you how to pray, when to pray and what to expect. 455 KB
How to protect your mind If you are dealing with anxiety or depression this sermon series for you. 685 KB
Personal Evangelism The bible tells us to go out into all the world and preach the gospel. This sermon series will teach you how to be a witness. 448 KB
Biblical Warfare Lessons on fighting the enemy with the Word of God 282 KB
Don't deny the Doctrine Apostolic doctrine 266 KB
The VOICE How to discern hearing the voice of God 311 KB
Let it Go Steps to Forgiveness 231 KB
How to stay saved during the pandemic “How to stay saved”, is a reference to adhering to the spiritual directives taught by Jesus, the Apostles and the prophets that pertain to our salvation. 329 KB
Intentional Living This lesson will teach you steps on how to spend time focusing only on what you are going to do NEXT, so you will not neglect what you are supposed to be doing NOW. 193 KB
Living the rest of our lives with a Kingdom Mindset During this time you must shift your focus to the pursuit and fulfillment of the KINGDOM agenda 184 KB
What you talking about? Understanding the various literary devices used in scripture. 252 KB
Engaging the Power of the Holy Spirit The most important relationship you and I will ever have is our relationship with the holy spirit. 433 KB
Silence & Solitude When it comes to saving your soul, there are some things you have to do yourself, for yourself. 204 KB
Rest is the remedy Some of you are choosing to worry or worship based upon our "perception" of things. True worship must always be based upon our confidence in the changeless nature of God, and not the ever changing variables of our circumstances.
265 KB
Making room for a miracle Being in the right place at the right time is an important key to discovering and fulfilling God’s will for your life. 202 KB
Every thought counts You cannot be thankful without being THOUGHTFUL. 267 KB
How to Pray for the Presidential Election Lessons 1 & 2 Whatever your political ideology may be, this election is going to affect the quality of the culture in which we live. 269 KB
21 day spiritual Detox Because of the myriad of unusual conditions we have experienced this year, it will be very important that we end this year in a positive mental position so that we do not carry any negative momentum from 2020 into 2021. 184 KB
Speak Life If what is coming out of my mouth is negative, pessimistic and destructive it is because something has entered into my heart that was contaminated. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU GIVE YOUR EAR TO, BECAUSE WHOMEVER YOU GIVE YOUR EAR TO, YOU ARE GIVING YOUR HEART TO.
129 KB